3-Step Trauma Management: Immigration Lawyers

Familiarize yourself with 3 steps of trauma management  to assist clients who are traumatized. 

Learning Objectives and Expected Outcomes:
1- Demonstrate an understanding of the impact of trauma on individuals. 
2- Overview of defense cascade and how it affects individual and behaviours.
3- Outline trauma-informed responses based on defence cascade.
4- Learn skills to de-escalate anger and help clients to calm down.
5- Develop an understanding of how to help suicidal clients.
6- learn about secondary trauma, burnout and self-care

Target Audience:
non-clinicians, immigration lawyers, settlement workers

Mego Nerses MEd, RP
Pre-recorded with immigration lawyers at Legal Aid Ontario Ottawa

Completion Rules:

1- All units must be completed to obtain a Certificate of Completion.
1 PowerPoint
1 Interactive Pre-recorded Video with           Immigration lawyers at Legal Aid Ontario
4  Reading Resouces
1 Certificate of Completion
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